Carpet can really transform a room, being both practical and luxurious. It makes any room feel warm and welcoming, acts as sound protection and reduces dust. We supply and extensive range of carpets to suit every budget in a choice of colours, plains, patterns and tempting textures. There has never been a better time to update your floor.

Wool / Manmade


Choose from 100% wool or 80% wool and 20% nylon mix. Carpets which give you a natural look, soft feel and are very strong and durable. Manmade carpets include Nylon, Polypropylene and Polyester which are hard wearing, stain resistant, easy to clean and affordable.



Loop pile carpets are durable, hard wearing and good for all rooms including high traffic areas. We can supply a wide variety of styles, designs and textures to choose from, such as smart stripes, herringbone and chunky waffle.



Twist pile carpets are practical and suitable for most rooms. A good choice if you have pets.

We have a wide range of sample colours and styles to suit.

Saxony / Velvet


Saxony pile carpets are deep, soft and luxurious. They are a good choice for bedrooms and low traffic.

Velvet pile carpets are smooth, soft and luxurious. Ideal for formal rooms and bedrooms.

Contemporary Stripes


Striped carpets are in right now and come in gorgeous designs and colours.

They look striking on the stairs, in hallways and as runners and will lengthen any space.

Striped carpet ranges often include co-ordinating plains.



Underlay acts as a cushion. It helps your carpet retain its appearance and last up to 40% longer. It adds comfort, improves insulation and reduces acoustic and impact noise.

We offer different types of good quality underlay to suit every budget.